Parking News

Parking News

ATLPlus Issues parking citations for the City of Atlanta which contain information regarding the violation, how to appeal and how to conveniently pay for the citation. We have been alerted of recent citation scams and want to ensure that we are taking every precaution to ensure you can distinguish City of Atlanta issued parking citations.

All ATLPlus citations are issued on-street and never in a parking lot or garage. All ATLPlus citations contain contact information for The City of Atlanta and the ATLPlus website. Our staff can be identified by a badge. ATLPlus staff will never accept or request payment for parking or parking citations via QR code, cash, or person-to-person electronic payments.

All of our citations have four payment options:

  • In-person at 150 Garrett St the Atlanta Municipal Court,
  • online at,
  • by calling 888-266-1360 or
  • by mailing a check or money order to PO BOX 2404 Atlanta, GA 30301.

We do NOT have a direct payment via a QR code as seen in the fake citation.

If you are ever unsure about the parking citation validity, contact our office via the online form or call us at 404-201-5396.

The Program also offers a transparent appeals process with The City of Atlanta for which the process is outlined on every citation.

Castleberry Hill Paid parking coming soon

Castleberry Hill Paid parking coming soon

Castleberry Hill Residential parking program coming soon

There is a new way to sign up for residential parking permits online!