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Booting and Towing

Program Information

The City of Atlanta has adopted new legislation authorizing the immobilization of vehicles with unpaid parking tickets (Section 150-88 of the City Code of Ordinances). This program will become effective on November 1, 2009.


What Does This Mean to You?

If City records show you have failed to pay three or more parking tickets issued to a vehicle registered in your name, your vehicle will be placed on the City of Atlanta’s boot list, and will be booted when located by our Compliance Parking Officer.

If your vehicle is booted, you will be responsible for the payment of all outstanding parking tickets and a boot removal fee of $50.

Once your vehicle has been booted, you will have 24 hours to make payment in full or your vehicle will be towed. You will be responsible for all towing and impound fees.

Impound Procedures

All ATL+ impounds must be paid and retrieved at ATOW Wrecker Service:

180 Harriett Street SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

ATL+ impounds may be subject to the payment of outstanding parking citations prior to receiving an impound release.

Fees when applicable are as follows:

  • Impounds: $105
  • Booting Fee: $50
  • Daily Storage Fee: $15