City of Atlanta GA Parking Guide

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On-Street Parking metered spaces in the core business district


Atlanta is a vibrant place to live, work, and play. The area offers great neighborhoods, historic sites, and an exciting Downtown.

There are thousands of paid public parking spaces to provide customers with the flexibility to run errands, relax over a leisurely lunch, work a full day, or enjoy their time in Atlanta. With plenty of on-street parking available, you are bound to find a convenient space to fit your needs!


ATLPlus issues parking citations for the City of Atlanta. Our citations are always issued on-street and never in a parking lot or garage. Each ATLPlus citation includes:

  • Information about the violation
  • Details on how to appeal
  • Convenient payment options

You can easily distinguish a genuine City of Atlanta parking citation because:

  • It will have contact information for The City of Atlanta and the ATLPlus website
  • Our staff can be identified by a badge
  • ATLPlus staff will never accept or request payment via QR code, cash, or person-to-person electronic payments

Our citations offer four payment options:

  1. In-person at 150 Garrett St, Atlanta Municipal Court
  2. Online at
  3. By calling 888-266-1360
  4. By mailing a check or money order to PO BOX 93265, Atlanta, GA 30377

If you ever have doubts about the validity of a parking citation, please contact us via our online form or call us at 404-201-5396.

Additionally, our program provides a transparent appeals process with The City of Atlanta, which is outlined on every citation.

M: Multi-space Meter

S-M: Both Single Space Meters and Multi-space MetersS: Single Space Meters